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Hello! my name is Harry and this is my accountancy blog. It is my mission to use this blog to educate others about the benefits of hiring an accountant. I hired an accountant last year and doing so has brought many positives to my life. I now find it much easier to run my business and to manage my tax returns at the end of each financial year. I hope that by reading the articles I have posted here, you will gain a good understanding of how an accountant can help you. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog.

Key Signs You Need to Hire a Bookkeeper


When you're running a small business, it isn't unusual to manage a lot of tasks yourself. But as your outfit starts to grow, there comes a time when you need to turn to professionals instead. One area where you may require professional assistance is bookkeeping. If you're starting to suspect that hiring a bookkeeper is in the cards, but you're not sure, here are some key signs that you need to make the move.

Feeling Overwhelmed

You may remember a time when balancing your own books was a breeze. You could get to the end of your working day, make some calculations, and file everything without worrying. If you're now starting to wonder where you'll fit everything in, consider hiring a bookkeeper.

Feeling overwhelmed by any task means you're unlikely to complete it to the best of your abilities. Unfortunately, you can't afford to make mistakes with your accounts. Hiring a professional means you're less likely to face fines from making mistakes, which means that getting help usually pays for itself.

Falling Behind

It's important to make sure your books represent the current state of your business's finances. When they don't, you'll struggle to make investment decisions that are wise. Additionally, you may find yourself reaching important tax deadines without an accurate overview of what you need to pay.

Falling behind also means you're inviting stress on yourself during tax season. In contrast, hiring a bookkeeper means you won't need to redirect your attention from your business when key tax periods begin.

Stressed Accountants

Tax season isn't just stressful for business owners. It soon becomes a time of contention for accountants too, especially when they're representing entrepreneurs who can't seem to maintain their books.

If your accountant states that they're feeling stressed because you're making their life harder, it's time to listen. Although they'll still perform their job to the best of their abilities, they can only work with what you have to give them. Poorly maintained books are likely to yield bad results.

Unpredictable Cash Flow

Running your business on a whim rarely ends well. If you're issuing invoices to clients without chasing them up, simply knowing that they'll pay at some stage isn't good enough. If you're going to keep investing in your business, you need a consistent cash flow.

A great bookkeeper will examine your cash flow and let you know when too many invoices are outstanding. You can then act fast, chase them up and make sure everything returns to a smoother state of play.


9 January 2020