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What You Need To Know About Costs When Hiring Your First Tax Accountant


If you are trying to keep your operational costs as low as possible so you can turn a profit from your business, you could be thinking that hiring the right tax accountant will be dependent on how much they will charge you. However, this is not the right approach. The best way to going about hiring the right professional is to factor in what they can do for your business, irrespective of the scope, rather than their overall costs since cheap will eventually prove expensive. Read on to learn a few of the things you need to know about costs when hiring your first tax accountant.

The size and structure of your business

When factoring in the cost of hiring a tax accountant, you need to consider how expansive your business is as well as the tax structure that you will fall under. If you have recently started but your business is growing at an accelerated rate, filing your tax returns will gradually become a complex task. This can be largely attributed to the fact that a growing business will progressively have larger expenditures, so your tax account will have a considerable amount of work to sift through. As a result, there will be higher fees. When it comes to structure, your tax account will charge you depending on how your business is run. For example, a company will have significantly more financials that need to be included in the accounting process when compared to a business structure that has only one employee, and this will influence the costs. 

The scope of support you will require from the tax accountant

The second consideration that will impact your business's tax accounting costs is the degree of backing that you will require from your accountant. If your business is small and you are running it as a sole trader, your tax accounting expenses should be low since only a few requirements will ensure that your business is tax compliant. Thus, the tax accountant will simply be going through your financials to ensure you have filed the right taxes before the deadline. On the other hand, the larger your business and more intricate the structure, the more support you will require to guarantee compliance. In addition to drafting your financial statements as well as filing your tax returns on an annual basis, the tax accountant may also be required to provide lodgments every month. Furthermore, the tax accountant may also have to file personal returns for you as the business owner.

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27 December 2019