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Could Your Company Benefit from Employee Self-Service Arrangements?


If you are a general manager or if you are in charge of human resources at your organisation, you always want to ensure that your employees are as engaged as possible. To help you achieve this, you have to create first-class working conditions, initiate an ongoing training regimen, conduct regular meetings and allow employees to have a level of control over their employment details. In the latter case, you will want to consider introducing a tactic known as 'employee self-service', but what is involved with this approach?


When you allow your employees to service their own details, this should be part of an integrated approach to payroll management. When everything is set up properly, much of your payroll data will be contained within a cloud-based system, and each individual employee will be given login credentials to access their appropriate information.

Different Levels

At the very basic level, they'll be able to adjust their personal details, change their address or update their bank account. If you want them to be even more engaged, allow them to manage their expenditure so that they can submit monthly reports and add a scanned invoice, a receipt or a PDF in support. This entry would then trigger a note to a supervisor who would electronically sign off so that the amount could be automatically added to their next pay cheque.

Managing Leave

You could also allow them to manage their annual leave and to submit any request for time off through this self-service portal. Once again, this would trigger a notification to the appropriate manager who would decide and send a notification back to their record.

To make this even more functional, individual employees should have access to an overall calendar that will show them if any other employees have confirmed absence over specific dates. This will help to minimise confusion and reduce the amount of back-and-forth traffic between employees and their supervisor.

Ongoing Data

Of course, the employees would be able to view their current payslip and their year-to-date situation. They would be able to check their superannuation contribution and gather tax information to help them with their annual return.

Two-Way Street

While employees would certainly benefit from a self-service facility, managers would also score. They would be able to see, at a glance, staffing levels for a particular date in the future and have real-time data for cash flow and other financial reasons.


Talk with your payroll management company to learn whether employee self-service arrangements are available so you can get everything set up as soon as possible.


27 December 2019